Itchy Feet

Reesa's Europe Trip

About the Author and This Book


I’m Michele Bigley, the author of this novel told in updates. I started #ItchyFeet when I was in college, traveling around the world on a ship. Then, life stepped in. I became a travel writer, a mom, a wife, a dancer. But I never gave up hope that this novel about learning to travel, learning to become a woman, and learning to love yourself should be out there in the world.

A couple years ago, I was in Thailand on assignment. I was at this cafe facing a stunning beach. There was a young woman, about Reesa’s age, with her back to the beach, video chatting with someone.

It was of course a typical picture of how we travel (and live) today. I started rewriting #ItchyFeet to reflect how we travel today. Reesa’s blog is her journal. Her Facebook and Instagram and Twitter feeds are there to mark time, communicate and ultimately tell her story. To fully experience this novel, you’ll want to follow all three feeds. Comment and join your voice to the #ItchyFeet community.

The novel is based on a true story, though none of the characters or events are actual people or 100% true.

Have fun and happy travels!

Michele Bigley


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